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In September 2017 Wickersley Parish Council decided to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the entire civic parish area.  Wickersley is a popular place to live, work and visit and, as a result is subject to considerable pressures for new housing development and changes to the village centre. Therefore, it was considered important for the local community to have the opportunity to produce a plan that would help ensure that Wickersley develops in the future in a way that reflects the aspirations of local people and the particular characteristics of Wickersley.

The Neighbourhood Plan has to comply with national planning guidance and the Rotherham Local Plan. This means that it cannot determine the amount of housing to be built in Wickersley.  However, it can influence the type, design, style and size of housing that Wickersley receives so that it responds to the needs of local people. It can also influence the mix of uses in the village centre and cover issues such as heritage, open spaces, community facilities and local economic development. In this way, it will ensure that the particular needs and character of Wickersley are respected.

The Neighbourhood Plan has to be taken into account when planning applications are considered by Rotherham MBC so it will be an important document.  See how the plan is developing here.

While the Parish Council will have overall responsibility for producing the plan, it is very important that it reflects the views and aspirations of the whole community.  Following initial publicity in the autumn, a Steering Group was set up to oversee the plan preparation.  This includes community representatives as well as Parish Councillors.  A planning and design consultancy, Integreat Plus has also been appointed to provide expert help, and a government grant has been received to pay for this.


Thank you for responding to the Neighbourhood Plan Survey over the summer months, and for coming to see us at the drop-in event in July. We are also grateful to local businesses for giving their views on the Neighbourhood Plan during the autumn. We will be publishing a summary of all feedback received on this website early in 2019.


Evidence gathered during the consultation period is now being used to develop local policies and design guidance. Once a draft plan has been produced, it will go out for a 6 week consultation period before submission to Rotherham MBC.  The plan is then subject to an independent examination and if the examiner recommends that the plan can proceed there will be a referendum of the local community.  It will then be adopted if the majority vote in favour.

Preparation of the plan is a fairly lengthy process but we hope to have a Wickersley Neighbourhood Plan in force before the end of 2019. See the Neighbourhood Plan Journey which highlights the stages the plan will go through in the coming months.


Our Priorities

Our priorities in creating a neighbourhood plan for Wickersley include retaining our sense of community and identity as a parish whilst ensuring that all of our residents are housed. We want to protect our countryside and natural beauty whilst maintaining local businesses and services and allowing for business growth and expansion.

Our Plan Policies

Our policies will include strategies for housing, employment and our service infrastructure such as health care, transport and education.  In addition to the more tangible assets we want to provide policies on community resources, our well being and the balance between development and countryside.


Our neighbourhood plan will allow us to all come together and have our voices heard, to identify and protect all that we value about our parish.  It will ensure that we retain the beauty and identity of our parish whilst laying down the foundations of a vibrant, thriving future for all residents.

So how does it work?

The Roadmap of Neighbourhood Planning

Read the roadmap of Neighbourhood Plan created by Locality an organisation which supports local organisations to be strong and successful.


Project Planning Toolkit

Creating a Neighbourhood Plan is a lengthy project.  Keep on top of targets and goals with this handy toolkit from Locality.


Housing Needs Assessment

Providing details on the process of carrying out a Housing Needs Survey, Locality have created this useful resource for neighbourhood planners.


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